Our company is formed by some 'geeky' technicians that are dedicated, loyal and hard-working geeks at heart. Hence our company name rightly named after us - "The Geeks" we are highly experienced technicians that always want to push to the next level.

Meet the Geeks


Owen Humphries

A true geek to the core! Owen - a co-founder and director of "The Geeks" takes every step in his way to ensure your day is a little better by getting your data back safe and sound.
Owen has vast knowledge working as a 3rd Line technician and has dedicated his time to unmasking the difficulties of data recovery. 
Owen has faced vast quantities of challenges from all sectors and has overcome them all but more importantly learnt from them.  He has been witness to poor practices and terrible customer experiences and wants to build a brand based on transparancy and honesty.  

Daniel Evans

Dan has over a decade of experience in enterprise sized network design and core system architecture.  Over the last few years Dan has managed a team of highly skilled and talented IT professionals. 
He is described as "battle harderned" as he has been thrown into the deep end of disasters since he started his career. 
Consequently Dan has become a disaster recovery expert and after seeing organisations being charged tens of thousands for Data recovery, Dan wants to really dent the DR market and aid in it's regulation. 

We are highly experienced in providing 3rd Line support to the public, private and government sectors. With over 17 years of combined experience, you can trust us to get your data back because we have the experience to know exactly what this means to you.

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