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Over 17 years of experience in disaster recovery and 3rd line technical work, we are The Geeks, a company wanting to disrupt a market we believe takes advantage of desperate and stressed IT professionals and uninformed individuals.

Data Recovery is the last resort to get your data back when a perfect storm of events has led to data loss.  Backups fail and humans make mistakes.  We do not judge or ask questions because we have been there, these mistakes or mishaps have shaped us, taught us, built us. 

We are the professionals to help you through this stressful time. Not only that but we guide you through the process each step of the way - giving you full transparency on how your recovery is doing.

Your lost data including photos, documents, music and emails are just a click away. No matter what it is.

You can trust us to get it back for you.

Hard Drive Recovery

No job is too small.  We will assess your drive free of charge and provide a no obligated quotation.  Prices start as low as £49.99.


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RAID Recovery

We know how you feel. You put the protections in place and still, here we are. RAID's don't scare us. Same deal, we'll assess and quote.


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Flash Drive Recovery

USB Sticks, SSDs, SD Cards, not a problem.  We have plenty of tricks up our sleeves to get your data back to you safe and sound.


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Devices Covered

We can recover a wide range of devices from a wide range of eventualities.  Whether it be water/liquid damage, drops/falls, accidental deletion,  accidental formats, accidental overwrites or even ransomware, we have the experience to tackle all these circumstances. 

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We can recover laptops

We can recover mechanical hard drives
Hard Drives

We can recover desktops

We can recover solid state drives (SSD)

We can recover SD Cards
SD Cards

We can recover RAID arrays

We can recover USB Sticks
USB Sticks

We can recover external hard drives
External Drives

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